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GL45 Safety Caps


Black GL45 Safety Cap with air valve and fittings.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction


GL45 Safety Caps with air valve and fittings, widely used in HPLC analysis.

Item No.Description
C0001828Black GL45 Safety Cap with 2 ports Including 1x Air Valve and 1 x 1/4''-28 fitting for 1/8'' tubing. 1set/pk.
C0001829Black GL45 Safety Cap with 3 ports Including 1x Air Valve and 2 x 1/4''-28 fitting for 1/8'' tubing. 1set/pk.
C0001830Black GL45 Safety Cap with 4 ports Including 1x Air Valve and 3 x 1/4''-28 fitting for 1/8'' tubing. 1set/pk.


1.For optimum efficiency, a time strip installed on top of the filter, clearly indicates the usage and by when the filter has to be changed.
2.The Safety Caps can protect your laboratory environment. The safety system offers protection and ensures safer work in lab. The integrated PTFE membrane captures dust and other contaminants from the air.
3.The ergonomic design allows an easy and tool free replacement of solvent due to freely rotatable cap-inserts and finger tight fittings that avoid twisted tubes during container exchange.

3. Company Introduction

ALWSCI Technologies is a company who integrating professional production and sales.

Committed to providing professional chromatography consumables.

Main products widely range as following:

1. Autosampler vial and cap for hplc and gc;

2. Glass sample vial and cap for storage and transport;

3. Syringe filter and membrane filter for hplc preparation and laboratory filtration.

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