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8-425 Red PTFE/ White Silicone Teflon Septa 1mm thickness


1. Product Description

8-425 Cap with septa, used with 2ML 8-425 Vial, is used on instruments of Shimadzu, Varian, Gilson etc.

Product Code
8-425 Red PTFE/White Silicone Septa 1mm Thick. 100pcs/pk


2. Packing (Individually Packing & Kit Packing)

3. Related Products

Product Code
8-425 Closures
Black 8-425 Open Top Screw Cap with 8mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Septa 1.5mm Thick. 100pcs/pk.
White 8-425 Open Top PP Cap with 8mm White PTFE/Red Silicone Septa 1.5mm Thick. 100pcs/pk.

4. Our Advantages:

* Made from advanced techlonogy and excellent raw materials
* Pre-assembled with cap and septa into use to save your time.
* Precise bottle neck size ensure autosampler handle correctly.
* Fully compatible with various brands automatic sampler.
* Convenient kit packing for easy to use.
* Strict quality control to ensure size consistency from batch to batch.
* Produced in 5,000 SQM 100,000 grade clean room.

5. Certificates

* ISO 9001:2015


* COA (Certificate Of Analysis)

* Kinds of Patents