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9-425 PP Yellow Smooth Screw Cap with PTFE Septa

 1. Product Description

9-425 Closures used with 9-425 vials, is used on all common autosamplers, perfectly compatible with Agilent, Thermo Scientific, Waters, Varian, etc.
Product Code
Yellow 9-425 Open Top Smooth Screw Cap with 9mm Red PTFE/White Silicone 1mm thick .100pcs/pk

2. Packing


3. Suitable Closures for 9-425 Vials

4. All 9-425 Vials

1) 2ML 9-425 Vial, Clear                2) 2ML 9-425 Vial, Clear, with Label        3) 2ML 9-425 Vial, Amber            4) 2ML 9-425 Vial, Amber, with Label

5) 9-425 Vial integraetd with Insert   6) 9-425 Vial integraetd with Insert       7) 0.3ML PP 9-425 Vial          8) 2ML PP 9-425 Vial

5. Our Company

ALWSCI has a manufacturing plant covering 10,000 square meters area, including 5,000 square meters 100,000 grade cleaning rooms.

Own automatic assembling lines, automatic injection molding lines and advanced laboratory, which ensure the quality, precision and cleanliness of ALWSCI products.

6. OEM&ODM Service

* Vial size can be designed by customer's drawings&samples

* OEM Labels/OEM Packing are available
* Vial can print the customized logo
* Vial can print the unique Q&R barcode