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2ML 9-425 Amber Screw Neck HPLC ID Vial with Writting On

 1. Product Description

2ML 9-425 Vial, with wide opening vials for GC and HPLC, is used on all common autosamplers, perfectly compatible with Agilent, Thermo Scientific, Waters, Varian, etc.
Product Code
2mL Amber Glass 12x32mm Flat Base 9-425 Screw Thread Vial with Label. 100pcs/pk.

2. Packing (Individually Packing & Kit Packing)

3. Suitable Closures for 9-425 Vials

4. All 9-425 Vials

1) 2ML 9-425 Vial, Clear                2) 2ML 9-425 Vial, Clear, with Label        3) 2ML 9-425 Vial, Amber            4) 2ML 9-425 Vial, Amber, with Label

5) 9-425 Vial integraetd with Insert   6) 9-425 Vial integraetd with Insert       7) 0.3ML PP 9-425 Vial          8) 2ML PP 9-425 Vial

5. Advantages

* Made from advanced techlonogy and excellent raw materials
* Pre-assembled with cap and septa into use to save your time.
* Precise bottle neck size ensure autosampler handle correctly.
* Fully compatible with various brands automatic sampler.
* Convenient kit packing for easy to use.
* Strict quality control to ensure size consistency from batch to batch.
* Produced in 5,000 SQM 100,000 grade clean room.

6. Certificates

* ISO 9001:2015


* COA (Certificate Of Analysis)

* Kinds of Patents