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6mm 300ul micro vial insert conical base with polyspring for ND9 vials

 1. Product Description

Description & Code:
6mm Vial Insert is especially used with 2ML 9-425 Vials, to save the sample.
Product Code
6x29mm Insert Clear Glass Conical Base with Polyspring. 100pcs/pk.
6x31mm Insert Clear Glass Conical Base. 100pcs/pk.
6x31mm Insert Clear Glass Flat Base. 100pcs/pk.
6x29mm PP Insert Conical Base. 100pcs/pk.

Product Features:
* Flat bottom vial insert is the economical choise to save the sample.
* Conical bottom vial insert can perfectly save the sample volume, and reduce the residual.
* With plastic spring type can not only reduce the residual, but also fix the insert well.

C0000070 (6mm micro insert conical base with spring)---300ul volume

2. Packing (Individually Packing & Kit Packing)

3. All 6mm Micro Insert

6mm Micro Insert, Conical Base with Polyspring --- 300ul volume6mm Micro Insert, Conical Base --- 350ul volume6mm Micro Insert, Flat Base --- 450ul volume

4. Suitable for 9-425 Vials

5. FAQ

* Free Sample---Yes, Free Samples are available

* Shipping---Air Shipping, Courier Shipping, Sea Shipping and so on

* Lead Time---3-15 Working Days, based on actual situation

* Certificates--- ISO, SGS, COA

6. Certificates

* ISO 9001:2015


* COA (Certificate Of Analysis)

* Kinds of Patents